Feedback Form
We would very much appreciate the feedback of our guests who participated in the anniversary and alumni events, or in part of it (password was communicated by e-mail and can be sent again on request).
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Includes notes and comments by our students and alumni in the evening of the alumni day which we want to share with you.
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Anniversary Painting
Many students, alumni and their kids contributed to this piece of art on a canvas during the alumni day.
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Anniversary Songtext
By Sandra Drube according to the melody of "American Pie". Presented by Sandra Drube & Mirja Blötz.
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Vision Talks
Prof. Jochen Maas, Sanofi, General Manager R&D Germany, Head R&D German Hub
'Quo vadis pharmaceutical industry? Ways to overcome the innovation gap'
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Tamara Darsow, PhD, Vice President, Research Programs, American Diabetes Association, Washington DC
'The role of non-profit and private organizations in disease-specific research and innovation'
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Jan Philipp Reemtsma, professor of German literature, founder and director of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research, sponsor and promoter of the Max Planck Foundation.
'Is there a "specific moral responsibility of science"?'
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