Praktikum für nordamerikanische Studenten

Innerhalb des Graduiertenkollegs 1086 wurden seit dem Jahr 2006 mehrere Stipendiaten über das RISE-Programm des DAAD beschäftigt. Das Praktikum dauert jeweils bis zu 3 Monate. Während dieser Zeit unterstützen die Bachelor-Studenten aus Großbritannien, den U.S.A. oder Kanada Doktoranden des Graduiertenkollegs mit eigenen Subprojekten.


Tracy Tanentzap Tracy Tanentzap

B.Sc. Student York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I worked with Paul Köcher on the summer field campaign of 2009, involving the installation of root sensors and the compilation and analysis of data pertaining to xylem flow and, more specifically, the osmotic potential of five native broadleaved tree species, found in Hainich National Park.

Jennifer Gordon Jennifer Gordon

B.Sc. Student University of Toronto, Canada

Jennifer assisted PhD student Christina Langenbruch in a field incubation experiment with 15N and 13C labelled leaf litter of beech and ash. She helped taking gas samples via closed chamber method for isotope ratio and CO2-flux measurements. Furthermore she assisted in the analyses of microbial biomass within this experiment using the Chloroform-Fumigation-Extraction method.

Emma Dyson Emma Dyson

B.Sc. Student University of York, United Kingdom

Emma assisted PhD student Elke Vockenhuber in a seed predation field experiment in the Hainich forest. Furthermore, she helped with the identification of insect samples from forest plots with varying levels of plant diversity.


MatthewCashman Matthew J. Cashman

B.Sc.-Student Fordham University, New York (U.S.A.)

Matthew was assisting PhD student Dominik Seidel in using three-dimensional laser-light modeling to examine the canopies of several tree clusters and the amount of light that penetrates to the forest floor.


PhilippeMarchand Philippe Marchand

B.Sc.-Student Université Laval, Québec (Kanada)

Philippe helped PhD student Inga Schmidt taking hemispheric photos and processing them afterwards in order to get information on crown gap fraction.

NickRyan Nicholas T. Ryan

B.Sc.-Student University of Massachusetts/Amherst (U.S.A.)

"Over the summer of 2007, I was studying with PhD student Catharina Meinen beech, ash, and maple saplings taken from the Hainich National Park forest. I wanted to see if stand diversity affected the saplings in any way. Root mass, root length, plant height, plant mass, and number of leaves were quantified for each sapling. The data for saplings of same and different species growing in different levels of stand diversity were then compared. Based on the data obtained, stand diversity did not correlate significantly with differences in biomass among the same species of saplings."


SarahHaverstock Sarah Haverstock

B.Sc.-Student Acadia University, Nova Scotia (Kanada)

"I was helping Tobias Gebauer and Paul Köcher with their projects on forest transpiration rates, measuring xylem flow, and leaf transpiration."

KieranMcDonald Kieran McDonald

B.Sc.-Student Acadia University, Nova Scotia (Kanada)

Kieran helped PhD student Inga Schmidt in collecting and processing data from a soil seed bank experiment. In addition, he assisted Inga in a pre-study on gap fraction measurements with hemispheric photos.