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Seminar and Get-together to discuss department issues and topics. Every second monday, see schedule:

14. Nov. 2022, 1pm
David Peacock - A comparison between structural styles interpreted in the Variscan Orogenic Belt

Structural cross-sections have been constructed in the Variscan Orogenic Belt in both the Harz Mountains (central Germany) and the Rhenish Massif (western Germany, eastern Belgium, Luxembourg and NE France) as part of a project on the geothermal potential of these regions. Cross-sections in the Harz Mountains were constructed using Move software, and were based on geological maps and lithological data from several wells. These cross-sections show Variscan folds cut by later normal and/or strike-slip faults. Cross-sections in the Rhenish Massif were constructed using forward modelling software, and were based on both geological maps and a detailed lithostratigraphic and structural analysis of a well at Havelange, Belgium. These cross-sections show a classic thin-skinned thrust belt, in which folds are related to the ramp-flat geometries of thrusts. The cross-sections for the two regions therefore show significant differences because of the data and section construction methods used, and possibly also because of the backgrounds of the researchers. Well-exposed coastal cliff exposures in Cornwall and Pembrokeshire (UK) show fold-thrust structures that indicate the Variscan Orogenic Belt tends to have structures that are intermediate between the cross-sections for the Harz Mountains and the Rhenish Massif.

21. Nov. 2022, 1pm
Meeting Master's Program

28. Nov. 2022, 1pm
David Hindle - Central Western European tectonic revolution

05. Dec.. 2022, 1pm
Department meeting

12. Dec. 2022, 1pm
Mukhtiar Ghani - Title t.b.a.

15. December 2022, 11.30 am to 11.00 pm

Christmas event:

"UNESCO-Welterbe Oberharzer Wasserwirtschaft" und Lehrbergwerk in St. Andreasberg/Harz (1 Tag)
Exkursionsleiter Dr. Bernd Leiss, Geowissenschaftliches Zentrum der Universität Göttingen
Termin: Donnerstag 15.12.2022

- 11.30 Abfahrt GZG
gegen 13.00 Uhr: Einführung in Obertageanlagen Oderteich und Rehberger Graben sowie in situ Wollsackverwitterung des Brockengranits (Bernd Leiss)
- 14.00 (fixer Zeitpunkt): Einfahrt in die Grube Samson in St. Andreasberg mit Sonderführung der Bergwerksleitung incl. Konzepte erneuerbarer Energien (Koordination Lasafam Iturrizaga)
- 16.00: Einfahrt in Lehrbergwerk "Wenns glückt (Roter Bär)", kein Schaubergwerk, sondern historisches Bergwerk im Orignalzustand, Ausrüstung und Kleidung wird gestellt, nur Grubenlampen und unebene Wege (Führung Wilfried Ließmann, der Harzer Montanhistoriker schlechthin)
- gegen 19.00 gemütliche Einkehr zum Weihnachtsessen
- Rückkehr gegen 23.00 Uhr

Individuelle Anfahrt möglich. Anmeldungen bitte an Marie-France Hesse (, Tel.: 0551-39-27931)

09. Jan. 2023, 1pm

16. Jan.. 2023, 1pm
Department meeting

23. Jan. 2023, 1pm

06. Feb. 2023, 1pm
Department meeting

13. Feb.. 2023, 1pm
Tim Hahn & Ali Abdelkhalek - Title t.b.a.

20. Feb. 2023, 1pm
Mathias Hueck - Title t.b.a.

06. Mar. 2023, 1pm
Department meeting