Summer term 2023

Mini-Course "Current Research in Distributed Agree and Distributed Ellipsis"

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Andrew Nevins (University College London)

This course is organized by Sascha Alexeyenko

Course "Online impact as a scientist", online

Kick-off: April 25, 9-11 am
Individual sessions: May 10th & 11th
Closing session: June 27, 9-11 am

This course will teach you how to communicate effectively on online platforms. It will cover topics such as identifying your communication goals, developing a strong online presence, creating engaging content, and listening to and participating in relevant online debates. This will enable you to communicate your research and expertise online, to add scientific knowledge to societal challenges (valorisation), and ultimately to increase your impact as a researcher.


Send an email to Yana Strakatova until April 12th.

Workshop "Well-being and stress-management"

May 15-16, at Büttner Raum 1, Heyne-Haus (Papendiek 16)

Stress is an omnipresent experience in our modern society: leaders and employees are stressed out alike, students and teachers are stressed out, and parents and children are stressed out. Many people struggle to find their individual coping strategies. This workshop sheds a light on the physical and mental dynamics of the stress cycle and invites participants to explore their individual internal and external stressors. It introduces mindfulness-based practices that support people to step out of an unhealthy reactive pattern and offer a new and healthy way of responding to stress. As a result, people develop healthy stress-coping strategies and enhance their overall well-being.

Send an email to Yana Strakatova.