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The City of Göttingen is located in the middle of Germany, lying in the south of the state of Lower Saxony. It is situated directly at the main north-south traffic axis. Thus, Göttingen is easily accessable by car (via the motorway A7 and the federal roads B3 and B27) or by train and airplane. There are several direct train connections to Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.

The nearest international airport to Göttingen is Hannover. Transfer from the airport to the main station lasts 20-30 minutes. From Hannover main station the Intercity express (ICE) needs only 33 minutes to reach Göttingen.

International flights usually arrive at Frankfurt or Hamburg, which are equally close to Göttingen. You can reach Göttingen from Frankfurt or Hamburg by a direct train connection which lasts about 2 hours each.

For train reservations and timetables, please visit the website of the Deutsche Bahn AG.