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Call for Papers

Alongside the summer school "Form-Meaning Mismatches in Natural Language" taking place at the Georg-August-University Göttingen, a workshop on related issues will be held on 3-4 August 2018. The topic of the summer school as well as the workshop is the mapping between form and meaning. The idea that the form of a sentence reflects its meaning or the other way round is challenged by formal elements that are not reflected in the decomposition of meaning or by the presence of meaning components without straightforward exponents in the form of linguistic expressions.

For this two-day workshop, we invite presentations of 35+10 minutes relating to the overarching issue of form-meaning mismatches from a variety of theoretical and empirical perspectives, including typological and diachronic approaches. Submissions from local researchers and from participants of the summer school are encouraged as well and will be considered along with other contributions on their own merits.

Invited speakers:

Hilda Koopman (UCLA)
Vera Hohaus (Tübingen) & Amy Rose Deal (UC Berkeley)
Hubert Truckenbrodt (ZAS/HU Berlin)

Unfortunately, the talk by Katharina Turgay (Landau) & Daniel Gutzmann (Cologne) had to be cancelled for scheduling reasons.

Abstract submission is now closed.

For further questions please contact Dr. Georg Höhn (Email).