Article on the Sharing Economy earns "Outstanding Paper" Emerald Literati Award

The article “Disentangling the facets of sharing - A categorization of what we know and don’t know about the Sharing Economy” has been awarded an Emerald Literati Award for Excellence. The paper was selected by the editorial board as the “Outstanding Paper” among all papers published in Internet Research in 2018. 

Authored by Manuel Trenz, University of Goettingen, Alexander Frey and Daniel Veit, both University of Augsburg, the research the contributes to a more distinguished understanding of nature of the Sharing Economy to foster advancements in research and practice. An interdisciplinary analysis of the literature in the field of Sharing Economy revealed nine different types of sharing practices that can be characterized by four dimensions. The re-evaluation of existing research using this categorization allowed the authors to develop a meta-understanding of Sharing Economy research, to explain inconsistencies within the existing body of studies, and to structure opportunities for future research according to different types of sharing and different levels of analysis. 

Internet Research (Impact Factor 4.109) is an international refereed journal that focuses on topics and issues related to potential social, ethical, economic and political implications which arise from mass public access to information resources. The Literati Awards are presented annually by the Emerald Publishing Group to authors of outstanding works. The award-winning paper will be available as Open Access for 12 months.

Further information

Reference: Trenz, M., Frey, A., and Veit, D. 2018. “Disentangling the Facets of Sharing: A Categorization of What We Know and Don’t Know About the Sharing Economy,” Internet Research (28:4), pp. 888–925.
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