The Chair of Interorganizational Information Systems is dedicated to studying and advancing data-driven innovations, platforms, and ecosystems. We are particularly interested in how interactions related to digital systems should be designed and which economic, technological, strategic and societal implications emerge from this.


  • What is the current state of research on omnichannel business? How can we characterize the differences between omnichannel and multichannel? What are the unique characteristics of omnichannel that can help contextualize and position new research? What are exemplary issues the arise from those unique characteristics and what challenges require further studies by information systems researchers and beyond?

    New article on Omnichannel Business published in Electronic Markets
  • Information on the course offerings of the Chair of Interorganizational Information Systems for the upcoming term.

    Information on the course offerings in winter term 2022/2023
  • Information from users or customers constitutes a key factor in the innovation and success of firms. However, disclosing their personal information can have potentially adverse consequences for these individuals. When making decisions concerning the use of digital service and disclosure of personal information, individuals therefore wonder ‘What could happen to me if this information about me were accessible to others?’...

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    New research on Privacy Risks published in Information Systems Journal
  • Cyberattacks on hospitals pose an increasing threat to data security and healthcare in German hospitals. Human errors are often the main doorway for cyberattacks. The joint project "KISK: Competence-oriented and job-specific IT security for employees in hospitals" therefore aims at a conscious handling of technologies in the context of critical infrastructures.

    Bundesministerium für Gesundheit
    New research project examines responsible use of information technology in German hospitals
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