Chair of Interorganizational Information Systems

Article honored with "Outstanding Paper" Emerald Literati Award for Excellence 2019

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The article “Disentangling the facets of sharing - A categorization of what we know and don’t know about the Sharing Economy” has been awarded an Emerald Literati Award for Excellence 2019. The paper was selected by the editorial board as the “Outstanding Paper” among all papers published in Internet Research in 2018.

Authored by Manuel Trenz, University of Goettingen, Alexander Frey and Daniel Veit, both University of Augsburg, the research the contributes to a more distinguished understanding of nature of the Sharing Economy to foster advancements in research and practice. More...

New research on Omnichannel Integration accepted for publication in MIS Quarterly


An article by Manuel Trenz, Daniel Veit and Chee-Wee Tan entitled “Disentangling the Impact of Omnichannel Integration Services on Consumer Behavior in Integrated Sales Channels” has been accepted for publication in Management Information Systems Quarterly.

‘Brick-and-mortar’ retailers, when expanding their businesses to online channels, can either add a separate online channel or integrate channels to enhance service offerings. This study sheds light on when and why massive investments into channel integration would be preferred over online optimizations. More...

Manuel Trenz joins University of Goettingen as Professor for Interorganizational Information Systems


Prof. Dr. Manuel Trenz is the new Chair of Interorganizational Information Systems at the Faculty of Business and Economics since June 1, 2019. His research addresses the targeted use of information systems and digital innovations and their influence on organizations and individuals. At the Faculty of Business and Economics, he will offer courses on digital commerce, the design of digital business relationships through inter-organizational information systems, and the mechanisms of digital markets and platforms in Bachelor's and Master's programs. More...