Contact for International Theology Studies

General advisement and information about studying abroad (study programs, internships): Dr. Frank Schleritt

Information about the recognition of study qualifications and degrees: Dr. Frank Schleritt (Protestant Theology K.A./Diploma/Magister Theologiae/Doctorate), Dr. Matthias Schnurrenberger (Protestant Theology B.A., M.Ed.), Dr. Fritz Heinrich (Science of Religion B.A. and M.A.)

Information and advisement about ERASMUS: ERASMUS-Coordination Prof. Dr. Susanne Luther & members of staff (

Information and advisement about studying at Escola Superior de Teologia in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil: PD Dr. Fritz Heinrich

Advisor for Study program "Intercultural Theology" M.A.: Elena Romashko

Central university advisory office: Studium international (International Student Services)