Admission for MSc program Developmental, Neural, and Behavioral Biology

At the University of Göttingen admission for the MSc/PhD program »Developmental, Neural, and Behavioral Biology« is restricted. The procedure of admission has two stages. At first appropriateness of the applicants Bachelor and special qualification for the program are assessed. Only admitted applicants can enter the subsequent selection procedure.

I.Admission qualification
1. Bachelor study/Appropriateness
For admission the applicant should

  • provide a Bachelor degree in a related field.
  • or at least 150 C, whereas the Bachelor have to be completed and all documents should be provided till 15. Nov. (referring to the year of the semester of admission). The overall average degree, calculated from by then provided achievements, is used instead of the Bachelor grade for the whole admission procedure, even if the final Bachelor grade differs.

Eligibility of the Bachelor degree is defined by at least 125 C in the field of life sciences, thereof at least 75 C (about 1800 hours) in Biology and at least 30 C (about 750 hours) in Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry/Informatics.

2. Language Tests

3. Special Qualification
Only applicants providing a »special qualification« for the program are admitted. The special qualification is determined by means of a scoring system.
a) Bachelor grade (max. 51 points)
b) Preferential skills for the program (max. 39 points)

II. Selection procedure
Only if more applicants get admission than university places for the program are provided a selection procedure is performed. For this procedure the applicants are ranked by the points achieved for special qualification (see 3.). 70% of the places of the program are assigned according to this ranking list (0 - 90 points) to the best applicants. 30% of the places are assigned to the following applicants from the list, who afore should pass an interview for which they can achieve a maximum of 10 points. The interviews are performed during the information day mid of June .

Lottery procedure
If there are still free places in the program past the regularly application procedure, these places are assigned by a lottery procedure. Applicants for the MSc/PhD program Developmental, Neural, and Behavioral Biology should register to apply for the lottery procedure via the online portal. Registration period will be announced here from beginning to mid September.