We teach the following couses and seminars in English:

Ecological Modelling (700406, BSc Molecular Ecosystem Sciences, SoSe)
Current Topics in Molecular Ecosystem Sciences (700422, BSc Molecular Ecosystem Sciences, WiSe, 1 Session)
Agent-based modelling with NetLogo (700268, beginners at any level, SoSe, block in late summer)
Introduction to Ecological Modelling (700549, MSc Forest and Ecosystem Sciences, WiSe)
Ecological Simulation Modelling (new, MSc Forest and Ecosystem Sciences, SoSe)
Statistical Data Analysis with R (700531, MSc Forest and Ecosystem Sciences, WiSe)
Spatial Statistics (700294, MSc Forest and Ecosystem Sciences, PhD, SoSe)
Manuscript Seminar (700295, MSc-/PhD-level, SoSe)
Current research in ecological modelling (700461, PhD-level, SoSe + WiSe)

In all our MSc-level seminars, we encourage students to give their talks in English even if the seminar is taught in German.

We teach the following courses in German:
Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten (700463, Forst-Bachelor, SoSe)
Einführung in die Forstwirtschaft (700424, Forst-Bachelor, WiSe, 1 Sitzung)
Ökosystemmodellierung (700322, BSc Ökosystemmanagement, WiSe)
Statistik in der Biodiversitätsforschung (631824, Biodiv-Bachelor, WiSe)
Ökologische Modellierung mit C++ (700300, MSc, Vorlesung mit Übung, WiSe)
Forschungspraktikum (700298, Forst-Bachelor, WiSe)
Biodiversitätstheorien (700332, Forst-Master, Schwerpunkt Naturschutz, WiSe)

More information: UniVZ.

Teaching materials:
Materiales for an online experiment about MacArthur & Wilson's island biogeography theory: zip-file (contains a pdf-file with a manual and an xlsx-dile with an analysis template)