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We teach the following couses and seminars in English:

  • Ecological Modelling (700406, BSc Molecular Ecosystem Sciences, SoSe)
  • Current Topics in Molecular Ecosystem Sciences (700422, BSc Molecular Ecosystem Sciences, WiSe, 1 Session)
  • Agent-based modelling with NetLogo (700268, beginners at any level, SoSe, block in late summer)
  • Preparatory R-Course (700575, students that are about to start the MSc Forest and Ecosystem Sciences, WiSe)
  • Introduction to Ecological Modelling (700549, MSc Forest and Ecosystem Sciences, WiSe)
  • Ecological Simulation Modelling (700562 + 700563, MSc Forest and Ecosystem Sciences, SoSe)
  • Statistical Data Analysis with R (700531, MSc Forest and Ecosystem Sciences, WiSe)
  • Spatial Statistics (700294, MSc Forest and Ecosystem Sciences, PhD, SoSe)
  • Manuscript Seminar (700295, MSc-/PhD-level, WiSe, now taught by Dominik Seidel)
  • Current research in ecological modelling (700461, PhD-level, SoSe + WiSe)

In all our MSc-level seminars, we encourage students to give their talks in English even if the seminar is taught in German.

We teach the following courses in German:

  • Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten (700463, Forst-Bachelor, SoSe)
  • Einführung in die Forstwirtschaft (700424, Forst-Bachelor, WiSe, 1 Sitzung)
  • Ökosystemmodellierung (700322, BSc Ökosystemmanagement, WiSe)
  • Statistik in der Biodiversitätsforschung (631824, Biodiv-Bachelor, WiSe)
  • Ökologische Modellierung mit C++ (700300, MSc, Vorlesung mit Übung, WiSe)
  • Forschungspraktikum (700298, Forst-Bachelor, WiSe)
  • Biodiversitätstheorien (700332, Forst-Master, Schwerpunkt Naturschutz, WiSe)

Teaching material:

  • Material for an online experiment about MacArthur & Wilson's island biogeography theory: zip-file (contains a pdf-file with a manual and an xlsx-dile with an analysis template)
  • Spatial Statistics on the learning platform OpenILIAS