Erasmus+-Study Abroad

Erasmus+ is a programme for education, youth and sport from the European Union. In Erasmus+, the existing programs from the EU are summarised for lifelong learning, youth and sports, along with the European Co-operation programmes in higher education schools. This programme contains three key actions:

Key action 1- learning mobility of individuals
Key action 2- Co-operation to promote innovation and exchange best practices
Key action 3- Support of political reforms

To find further information about the Erasmus+ programme, visit the website of the European Commission.

Erasmus+ includes;

  • A place at an Erasmus partner university
  • No studies fees at the university visited
  • Financial support
  • Recognition of examinations at your home university ECTS, Diploma, Supplement, Europass)
  • Support during your time abroad
  • Secured internship through the EU Internship Agreement

The students of the Faculty of Agricultural Science have been taking part in exchange programmes throughout the EU for years. Therefore, the faculty has close relations with many European universities. Currently, there are 37 partner universities in Europe.

Every year in the winter semester, there is an information event for those students from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences that are interested in ERASMUS+. In addition, students can sign up in Stud.IP for the course "Studieren im Ausland - Fakultät für Agrarwissenschaften" to not miss any announcements or events.