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Deans of Studies Council

The Deans of Studies Council is comprised of the Deans of Studies of all faculties as well as the Dean of Studies for teaching qualification. The member of the Presidential board responsible for teaching convenes and directs the meetings.
The Deans of Studies Council serves as a platform of mutual information exchange and interdisciplinary coordination in affairs that concern teaching and learning. The comprehensive reform of the academic system has brought about an increasing need for interdisciplinary coordination regarding issues such as subject combinations, periods of studies and advisory services, curriculum imports and exports, course and examination organisation. The regular exchange of information in the Deans of Studies Council enables the responsible persons to assess problems and share ideas for solutions.

The Dean of Studies is elected from among professors or research assistants upon nomination by the Advisory Board for questions relating to teaching and learning by the Faculty Council. He or she is responsible for all aspects of teaching and learning and in particular for ensuring the courses offered and the advisory services at the respective faculty.