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Further Events

Breakthrough in genetics


Scientists at Göttingen University have discovered the cause of a worldwide lethal genetic defect affecting Holstein Friesian dairy cows. This finding now forms the basis for a direct genetic test. The Göttingen researchers worked collaboratively with the Schönow Institute for Reproduction in Agricultural Livestock (IFN), the German Holstein Association and IT-Solutions for Animal Production (VIT). more...

Being part of something bigger


She studied and worked in Europe and Australia and did field research in Africa and South America. In January 2016, Dr. Camille Couralet arrived at the University of Göttingen. Here, the 35 year-old French is the new Coordinator Campus Strategy. In an interview by Heike Ernestus she talks about Göttingen and what the younger generation can contribute to strategic processes. more...

Protection from the sun


Nearly four billion years ago, life arose on Earth. Life appeared because our planet had a rocky surface, liquid water and a blanketing atmosphere. But life thrived thanks to another necessary ingredient: the presence of a protective magnetic field. more...

Snail shells offer clue in unravelling common origins of body asymmetry

An international team of researchers has discovered a gene in snails that determines whether their shells twist clockwise or anti-clockwise – and could offer clues to how the same gene affects body asymmetry in other animals including humans. more...