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Biodiversity and Society (Promotion/PhD.)

NOTE: This degree programme is being phased out from summer semster 2014.

Degree programme title: Biodiversity and society
Final degree: Dr./Ph.D.
Winter semester (exception: Summer semester 2010)
Standard period of study: 6 semesters
Application deadline: 1st June for the subsequent winter semester
Admission Precondition: A Master's or equivalent degree or an advanced Master's degree in a relevant subject, technical relevance and confirmation of supervision in accordance with the admission regulations.
Language requirements: English (verification required) or German (verification required)

Description of the degree programme
The doctoral degree programme is dedicated to the social science question about approaches to clarifying the estimation of the value and evaluation of biodiversity. The research perspective therefore focuses on the processes of negotiation in the area of conflict between the fields of conservation and utilization of biological diversity.

Research foci in Göttingen
The interdisciplinary doctoral degree programme has the following major subjects:
- Agricultural Science (environmental and resource economics, agricultural ecology, farm management, crop science)
Economics (environmental and institutional economics, production and logistics)
Biology (didactics of biology, social psychology and communications psychology)
Law (international economic and environmental law)
Social sciences (sustainability, cooperative action)
Philosophy (practical philosophy and ethics)

Within the interdisciplinary doctoral degree programme, there are three thematic clusters:
Cluster I: Biological diversity of traditional agricultural scenarios from the perspective of producers
Cluster II: Biological diversity of traditional agricultural scenarios from the perspective of consumers / citizens
Cluster III: Biological diversity in agricultural scenarios from the European / international perspective

Structure of the degree programme
Protection and utilization of biological diversity - Introductory event and seminar on the basics - 2 ECTS
Acquisition of methodological skills, research methods courses, key qualifications - 5 ECTS (2 mandatory plus 3 elective)
Reflecting research - optimizing meetings with project-specific support - 8 ECTS
Research network exchange + meeting with visiting international scholars and scientists / - 6 ECTS
Publishing research tutorials, including publication project - 5 ECTS