Welcome to the Relliehausen Experimental Farm!

Located on the eastern edge of the Solling area near Dassel, the farm of Relliehausen is around 350 ha in size and has been used since 1996 for animal breeding and animal husbandry based research. All of the farm property was transferred to the Georg-August University of Göttingen when in became a foundation, including 73 previously rented hectares located in the Neuhaus/Solling area. The farmland is located roughly 450 m.a.s.l. and is mainly used as summer pasture for cattle.

Agricultural land at the Relliehausen Experimental Farm is divided into 180 hectares of arable land, 80 hectares of pasture and 12 hectares of meadow. The agricultural land is located in the Solling conservation area, while tha land located north and south of the village of Relliehausen is located in a water protection area.

Most of the experiments are conducted according to the research focuses of the Department of Animal Science, whereby animals are also available to be used for experiments.