Development of mobile applications Project Seminar System Development - Development of Mobile Applications - B.WIWI-WIN.0023

Lehrveranstaltung für Bachelor-Studiengänge

Short Overview

What? How?
Frequency Every summer semester
Type of Course Project seminar
Exam Prerequisites Programming tasks, written exam and compulsory attendance at all seminar dates
Examination Development of a prototypical web application and presentation with a written elaboration
Credits 6+6 ECTS
Participation Prerequisites None
Recommended knowledge: Module "Management of Information Systems", Module "Programming Language Java"


The development of mobile applications differs both in the requirements (scalability, security problems, architecture) and in terms of the technologies used in classical applications. The aim of the event is to give an insight into the development and operation of mobile applications. Based on this, a section of such a mobile application is to be designed and implemented by means of a development environment using an introduced technology..

Study Goals, Project Conception and Implementation:

After successful participation, the students are able to

  • describe the fundamentals of mobile application development and define different classifications of web applications,
  • identify and assess the scope of use of frameworks in the development of mobile applications,
  • analyze and critically question the implementation of mobile applications,
  • analyze and critically question the implementation of web applications,
  • conceptually model and develop web applications,
  • organize and execute complex development projects in teams

Study Goals, Project Documentation:

After successful participation, the students are able to,

  • to document the design and development process of a mobile application in the context of a complex development project,
  • to document a mobile application system,
  • to present the results of a development project.

Date Overview

What? When and Where?
Registration In march via Stud.IP (see UniVZ)
Seminar Wednesdays, from first lecture week on, from 9:00 to 12:00