Welcome to the Reinshof Experimental Farm!


Located near the River south of Göttingen, the Reinshof Experimental Farm has been used since 1980 as an experimental farm for crop science research. Facilities which can be used by other disciplines are also available on-site. Field experiments can also be undertaken on available plots which are located in Göttingen, Holtensen and Weende, and belong to the Marienstein Experimental Farm, north of Göttingen. Since October 1st, 2000, weathered limestone soils are also available and located at the Deppoldshausen monastery for experiments requiring poor soil conditions.

In total, 670 hectares of farmland are available for crop science research, with about one-third of this area considered suitable for accurate, comparable experiments. Plot trials predominately take place on homogeneous loamy river soils.

On-site facilities are available for meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops and thesis defences. University lectures and preparatory meetings for field trips are also held on the farm.