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Medical School Foundation Committee

The "Stiftungsausschuss" Medical School is the Faculty of Medicine/University Hospital´s equivalent of the "Stiftungsausschuss" University. It is empowered to appoint and dismiss members of the Executive Board, make decisions on changes and charges to the basic assets of the Foundation as well as on mortgaging the endowment; they must pass to the budget, the statement of accounts of the executive and approve the activities of the managing board, they must agree to the founding of civil law companies and to purchasing interests in such companies. They carry legal responsibility for overseeing the University and for changes to the bylaws of the Foundation as well as for carrying changes to other regulation of the Foundation into the extended Foundation Council.

The"Stiftungsausschuss" Medical School consists of

  • Two members who are suggested by the Faculty council of the Faculty of Medicine to the state ministry and who are neither members nor employees of the University; one person should have competence in managing hospitals either from the medical or the economic point of view.
  • One member of the Faculty of Medicine/University Hospital elected by the Senate
  • One member who represents the Ministry
  • One member of the Foundation Council, elected from among Council members