EFRE Project: Inter- and transcultural trainings in People


In intercultural further education a vague and imprecisely defined conception of intercultural competence and its aims, specific features, areas of application and transmission is often encountered. Furthermore, the conceptions of culture which form the basis of such further education are very often quite homogeneous. Hence, in this project an innovative concept for the development of intercultural competence will be produced, and implemented in the form of concrete materials which operationalise the newest knowledge and theories from cultural studies.

Project management:
Prof. Dr. H. Casper-Hehne

Persons involved in the project:
Dr. Kristina Binder

Funding institutions:
Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony

Project volume:
Hauptprojekt ca. 250.000 Euro
Förderung der Pilotphase mit 65.000 Euro

Project duration:
August 2008 bis Juli 2011