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The semester ticket includes a train ticket, a bus ticket, as well as a culture ticket.

With the train ticket, students of the University of Göttingen can use many local passenger trains free of charge in Lower Saxony and Bremen, and are also able to travel to the Hamburg central railway station, Kassel Wilhelmshöhe, Paderborn, and Nordhausen (via Walkenried).

The bus ticket allows students to travel for free with the city buses in Göttingen , and to Bovenden and Rosdorf.

With the culture ticket, students receive drastically reduced or even free entrance to cultural events, such as theatres or museums, as well as music events in clubs or the culture centre.

The costs of the "Semesterticket" are included in the semester fee and have to be paid by all students, regardless of whether they actually use the ticket or not. Please make sure that you always carry your student identity card with you when travelling on one of the trains mentioned above. The supplementary sheet from the Deutsche Bahn (DB) informs you about the range of validity of the "Semesterticket", but does not have to be carried with you.

Please note: Newly enrolled students can use the semester rail ticket when the semester starts. For a winter semester that is October 1st and for a summer semester April 1st. If you fetch your card before this date, you have to wait untill the semester actually starts to use the semester ticket.