How to find us

How to find the Institute of Computer Science and the Center for Computational Sciences of the University of Göttingen


Institut für Informatik
Goldschmidtstrasse 7
37077 Göttingen
Tel: +49 (551) 39-172000
Fax: +49 (551) 39-14403


Getting there by car:

Göttingen is located right in the middle of Germany. As such, it is well connected and reachable by train or car from larger cities and nearby airports. Direct express trains to major cities with international airports, such as Hannover, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, and Munich are departing rougly every 30-60 minutes. At the same time, the A7 motorway runs along the western outskirts of Göttingen, providing two points of direct access to the city, with the north entry point providing a shortcut to the north campus.

Getting there by bus:

The two bus stations on the North-campus are "Tammannstraße" and "Goldschmidtstraße". The bus station that is the closest to our institue is called "Tammannstraße". You can take the following Busses from the main train station "Bahnhof" to "Tammannstraße". The buses go every 10-15 minutes:
21, Direction: Nikolausberg
22, Direction: Nikolausberg
23, Direction: Faßberg

In addition you can take the bus from the "Bahnhof":
41, Direction: Weende-Ost
and get off at station "Goldschmidtstraße-Nord"