Exam Management at the University of Göttingen

All exam assessments for students on Bachelor and Master degree courses are administered using the FlexNow software. The three main user groups – students, lecturers and examination offices – have separate interfaces.

Examination and study regulations on modularised degree courses have to be continually administered and updated. FlexNow assists course organisers and university committees with its electronic directory of modules (ModulVZ).

The FlexStat statistics portal can be used to assess exam data and thereby evaluate individual performance and provide general information for monitoring the degree course. Access to this is restricted using a rights-based control model.

Exam management is seen as part of integrated campus management at the University of Göttingen. Several specialised software systems are linked together to support all the processes in the area of teaching and learning and allow users to access all services with a single account. Key interfaces include the register of people and courses, UniVZ.