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Environmental protection

The Environmental Protection Department is the point of contact for all employees and students at the university, including the Medical Faculty Göttingen, for all questions related to occupational environmental protection.

Our key focus areas include:
• Waste Management
• Water pollution control
• Transport of hazardous materials
• Environmental protection aspects in terms of sustainability

We support the specialists in the university facilities in an advisory capacity in the implementation of the relevant regulations and guidelines for environmental protection.
We are appointed by the university as waste management, hazardous materials and water pollution control officers. We advise and monitor activities in these areas to guarantee that the environmental regulations are implemented and applied in all areas of the university.

An important service is the organisation and realisation of proper and environmentally friendly disposal of hazardous and radioactive waste that accumulates at the university. This also includes the operation of the Central Waste Collection Department.

In addition, we want to provide information on how everyone can contribute to environmental protection. Because opportunities exist in every organisation for people to contribute towards environmental protection. Separating waste, avoiding emissions, using resources sparingly – these are only a few of the many examples.
We strive to support all facilities within the scope of our capabilities in the interests of a further improvement in environmental protection.

If you should have any questions or problems about the topic of environmental protection, please get in contact with the staff from the Environmental Protection Department.