Research Areas: Synthesis of Natural Products, Cancer Therapy

Development of efficient, stereoselective and environmentally friendly synthetic procedures and their use in the synthesis of natural products and their analogues as well as other bioactive compounds and materials. Design of new drugs for a selective treatment of cancer using tumour-specific antibodies, enzymes and prodrugs.

  • Synthesis of terpenes, steroids, antibiotics, alkaloids, carbohydrates, mycotoxins, insectizides, cytotoxic compounds and vitamins
  • Development of domino reactions for the economically and ecologically benign synthesis of complex molecules from simple substrates
  • Preparation of non-toxic prodrugs from highly toxic compounds for a selective cancer therapy using the antibody enzyme prodrug therapy (ADEPT) and prodrug monotherapy (PMT)
  • Synthesis of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs)

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