Women's Careers and Networks

Women's Careers and Networks

WoCaNet 2021: Join us on May 27 & 28, 2021!

We are excited to announce that preparations are underway for the 7th Women’s Careers and Networks symposium that will take place on May 27 and 28, 2021, in Göttingen (Germany).

The WoCaNet symposium aims to bring students, researchers, and established scientific professionals together for a stimulating two-day event. In an open and inspiring environment, ideas and experiences on building careers and achieving a successful work-life balance can be shared.

The focus of WoCaNet 2021 will be the importance of “Transformation” in our lives, from the viewpoint of both professional and personal growth. Throughout the event, we will explore the circumstances and unexpected challenges that contribute to one’s personality and outlook as a scientist (and as a woman), as well as the impact that these changes can have on science and society.

We are in the process of putting together an amazing set of speakers, an insightful panel discussion, fun and informative workshops, and loads of networking opportunities. Stay tuned for updates!

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