Emergency Child Care

Childcare in emergencies and marginal times

The Emergency child care offers child care free of charge in emergency situations for parents who are deemed (occupationally) indispensable by the University.The child care is provided hourly by a qualified day care personnel, which parents and child met earlier. The provision of day care personnel takes place at short notice through the Child Day Care Agency (Kindertagespflegebörse).

Please note that the emergency child care must be prepared in advance.

Target group:

  • Members and associates of the University who can identify themselves through a university identity card, a student identity card or visitor´s
  • Members of the Göttingen Campus or other scientific institutions who are members of institutions (e.g. excellence clusters) or alliances (e.g. Collaborative Research Centres, Research Training Groups, Research Groups) of the University. The measures must be financed from DFG funds.

The service can be claimed up to four times a year per child requiring child care.

What is an emergency? Sudden illness of your own child. Notes on legal entitlements when a child is ill (German Edition).
Unexpected cancellation of regular child care provision (designated carer, day nursery, school/after school club, child minder and babysitter) due to, for example, illness, bad weather conditions or strikes.
Occupational obligations such as overtime, stand-in cover, commission meetings or study events outside of the regular child care times for the child.


  • Please contact the Child Day Care Agency (Kindertagespflegebörse) Göttingen prior to the emergency. You will be consulted and you can hand in the application form for the emergency pool.
  • The Child Day Care Agency will introduce you to a suitable child minder who can undertake the emergency child care if required. According to individual wishes and needs, the agency will choose a child minder who can take care of the child(ren) in the parents‘ household, in own or external rooms. There will be a meeting to get to know the proposed child minder.

In case of an emergency, please call your babysitter.
In addition, the Child Day Care Agency (Waageplatz 8, 37073 Göttingen) provides the opportunity of an advisory service free of charge for you and the child minder.

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Update: 03/2018