Course Commentaries

STUDIUM_Kursinhalte The course lists are out! What we offer you is lists of courses with (unfortunately) only quite basic details. (At least you can now see the first line of the course commentary for most classes! For the rest, unfortunately, you will have to call up the course details in EXA.) Below you will find one PDF for each of our degree programmes: BA English/ELLC, MA in ELLC, and MEd with English. EXA is available through eCampus.
  • For assistance with using EXA, see the brief introductory video.
  • For assistance with choosing modules, go for the Module-O-Matics (BA: for second-semester students - everyone else is surely beyond this point by now and will not need such tools any longer - ; MA: for freshers, for future second-semester students or for students in their third or higher semesters) below.
Registration for SEP courses starts 01 Mar 2024.