Research interests:

My research interests lie in soil fertility maintenance with emphasis on plant nutrition, physical characteristics (compaction, erosion by wind and water) and its control; soil quality characteristics to quantify and calibrate the effects of fallow, as well as green manuring and cover crops in the tropics.

Research interests and activities:

  • Soil enzyme activities in long-term experiments of the tropics
  • Agroforestry Systems to produce and apply green manuring / cover crops in situ in the tropics
  • Use of stable isotopes like N-15 to quantify the fate of nutrients delivered by those systems
  • Calibration of Carbon-Cycling-Models of the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum


  • M.SIA.P22.Mp: Management of Tropical Plant Production Systems
  • M.SIA.P10.Mp: Tropical agro-ecosystem Functions
  • M.SIA.P19M.Mp: Experimental Techniques in Tropical Agronomy
  • Supervision of master and bachelor theses work

Key publications:

Corbeels, M., Naudin, K., Whitbread, A.M., Kühne, R. & Letourmy, P. (2020). Limits of conservation agriculture to overcome low crop yields in sub-Saharan Africa. Nat Food 1, 447–454.