In publica commoda

Documents which should be brought to Germany

The following documents may be useful or necessary for your stay in Germany:

  • a valid passport (with the appropriate visa, if necessary)
  • any academic diploma or degree certificates you may have
  • several passport-sized photographs of yourself
  • a marriage certificate, if applicable
  • a copy of a bank statement detailing your financial resources or a scholarship letter
  • if you are insured by a health insurance company in your home country, a copy of their regulations in German or English and your contract. (Non-German insurance is subject to a validity review). If necessary, bring vital medical information, such as recent x-rays, a record of vaccinations, a statement from your doctor about specific medical needs (in German or English).
  • your driver´s licence or an international driver´s licence. If you bring your car, an international 'green' insurance card
  • any other documents which may seem important to you