Behavior and Cognition

Behavior and Cognition

The focus of this study program is on the foundations and the evolution of nonhuman and human primate behavior. Research projects are undertaken in the fields of psychology, anthropology and evolutionary biology, with an emphasis on comparative approaches. Core areas are the evolution of social behavior, group behavior and group coordination, developmental psychology, as well as the cognitive and physiological foundations of behavior. The program is run by the Faculty of Biology and Psychology of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen and the German Primate Center. Interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange are an important element of this study program.

Doctoral students are affiliated with one (or sometimes two) of the research groups of this program. Each project is supervised by a three-member thesis committee. A regular research colloquium provides a platform for progress reports and discussions. Participation in scientific meetings and workshops is encouraged. In addition to the core research, a moderate amount of course work and teaching is required (total number of credits: 20).

To be accepted into BeCog, students must provide a letter confirming supervision, signed by a scientific member of BeCog. Thus, students interested in this program should contact in time the heads of the labs affiliated with this program to check for open positions and funding possibilities. Unfortunately, BeCog cannot provide funding or scholarships

Quick facts

Degree: Dr. rer.nat. or Ph.D.
Regular duration: three years
Application Deadline: January 31st for the following summer term, July 31st for the following winter term
Selection criteria: good Master degree in a relevant subject, proficiency in English, confirmation of supervision
Funding: no funding provided by BeCog