Institutional Economics - Formal and Informal (Master)

Lecture: Prof. Christian Bjornskov

Time of Lecture: Wednesdays 12.00-14.00, MZG 1940

Tutorial: Tuesday 12.00-14.00 biweekly,
Room VG 2.105 (Start: 20.04.2010).

Teaching Assistant: Maria Ziegler, Room OEC 1.156,
Tel +49 551 39-7242,
Seo-Young Cho, Raum OEC 2.138, Tel +49 551 39-7368,


This course takes as its starting point the new literature on institutional economics. Institutions have proven important for economic and social development. Much discussion nevertheless revolves around which types of institutions matter, and to what extent these institutions change over time. The course covers these and other topics discussed recently in institutional economics.


  • 1. Main problems in institutional economics

  • 2. Institutions in development

  • 3. Informal institutions

  • 4. Institutional failures

  • 5. Various topics

  • Syllabus

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