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Personal Liability Insurance (Private Haftpflichtversicherung)

Personal liability insurance covers you in cases of accidental damage to a third party or their property. In Germany, you are legally responsible for any damages caused to others by your person. It is important to note that this is restricted not only to damages one has personally caused but also holds for damages caused by one’s children, by one’s pets and so on. You are liable for all your estate. Income and liability claims will not be waived unless the damages in question have been completely paid. Consequently, personal liability insurance is one of the most important insurances one should hold when living in or travelling to Germany.

It is worth to note that a personal liability insurance often includes a version of legal costs insurance. In fact, a feature of a personal liability insurance is to verify and possibly dismiss legal claims for damages. Typically, spouses are also insured without any surcharge. Children are also usually covered under their parents’ policy. These additionally insured persons (spouse, children) should be explicitely mentioned in the certificate of insurance.

Foreign students holding a personal liability insurance in their respective home country should check whether insurance cover is provided while they are in Germany. Credit card holders should check whether their credit card comes with a personal liability insurance valid while the cardholder (or his/her spouse and children) is abroad.

The annual contribution for personal liability insurance very much depends on the provider. As a rough estimate, you should calculate with at least 65 Euros.