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An Overview of Insurance Options

Insurances are an important issue when staying or living in Germany as a student. These pages give a brief overview of the most relevant insurances.

Health Insurance is mandatory for all students.

Health insurance aside, liability insurance ('Haftpflichtversicherung') is the probably most important, as this covers you for accidental damage inflicted on somebody else's property or another person. Other types of insurances which are potentially useful for students are:

  • accident insurance ('Unfallversicherung'): insures your own person against accidents.
  • travel insurance ('Reiseversicherung'): insures your own person while travelling abroad.
  • home contents insurance ('Hausratversicherung') which covers damages to your property, or in some cases, theft.
  • legal costs insurance ('Rechtsschutzversicherung') covers the costs of litigation.

Almost all insurance providers offer a full range of insurance options, see the Göttingen yellow pages.