DU - teaching and studying material for German Studies in other countries (Ukraine)

The aim of the project is to develop teaching material for practical use in teaching German as a Foreign Language within German Studies programs at universities in the Ukraine. The need for new, modern teaching material was recognised at a conference in Lwiw (Lemberg) in September 2004 within the framework of the GIP partnership between the Universities of Goettingen and Czernowitz.
A scientifically-based, subject-relevant and politically-accepted curriculum does exist for practical language courses within the framework of German Studies programs in the Ukraine. However the situation with respect to teaching and studying material in the Ukraine is described by the teachers affected as problematic. Ukrainian textbooks are out-of-date in terms of content (there are no current texts on literature or German culture and society), methods (the method used is translation) or didactics. On the other hand, existing modern German textbooks do not address the need of Ukrainian students of German Studies for usefully organised and detailed comparisons of Ukrainian and German living conditions and ways of life. Moreover, Ukrainian teachers have complained of the lack of sufficient exercises for grammar structures and phonetics in these textbooks.
The curriculum conference in Lwiw in 2004 demonstrated in particular that within German Studies programs literature and cultural studies aspects/modules are neither sufficiently recognised nor supported. In order to support improving the situation in these areas, teaching material will be developed for language practice which better integrate literature and cultural studies texts.

Project duration:
Januar 2005

Funding institutions:
Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst

Project volume:
ca. 72.000 €

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