Human Resource Information Systems (ISP)

Problem and Objective

Information systems (IS) for Human Resource Management automate HR-processes and offer self-services for both employees and managers. Thus, HR-administration costs are decreased. Furthermore, these Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) improve the information flow for all actors involved in Human Resources Management (HRM), thus providing better decision making. In research, the support of the HRM-domain with HRIS is analyzed under the term of electronic Human Resource Management (eHRM), with a special focus on web-based HRIS and their implications for enterprises.

The area of research on "Information Systems in Human Resource Management (ISP)" examines the perspective of designing eHRM. In this area, HRIS concepts and functions, which are altered by new technologies, are developed, designed, implemented and evaluated. The aim is to design HRIS-concepts that result in efficient HR-processes and that provide rapid access to HRIS functions and contents to all HR groups (employees, managers, HR-department).

Special attention is paid to the adaption of social software principles on categories of application for the purpose of human resource management. The integration of in-house Blogs, Wikis and Social Networking Services with HRIS implicates new approaches for the in-house recruitment and the human resource management. The consequence of this can be a more effective and efficient staffing and formation of project teams as well as target-oriented management decisions. Another focus of research is the design of succession management systems and tools. The integration of semantic technologies and functions for supporting decision-making can lead to more target-oriented and thus cost-saving development decisions with regard to future succession decisions. Furthermore, mobile devices and resulting HRIS usage scenarios are a main research point of ISP. The mobile availability of HR-information and HRIS-functions makes staff management more flexible and efficient. Mobile HR-scenarios can be found, for example, in the administration of HR-data, their reporting to managers and within new approaches to HR conference or appraisal interview support.

Completed research topics

  • Possibilities of using social media in HRM (HR-Social Software)
  • Ways of designing and using innovative personnel development and competence management systems
  • Possibilities of using mobile applications in HRM (Mobile HR)


  • Volkswagen AG
  • Several HRIS provider