Newsletter No. 11 from 13th January 2012

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

In this edition you will find more information on our next Study Day and a reminder regarding our next workshop.

1. Workshop “Die musikalische Missionsarbeit der Jesuiten in Spanisch- und Portugiesisch-Amerika, 1540-1773: Forschungsperspektiven” (The musical missionary work of the Jesuits in Spanish and Portuguese America, 1540-1773), 20.1.2012

Our next workshop, with Franz Körndle, Jerzy Henryk Skrabania SVD, Marcus Holler and Jutta Toelle as guest speakers, focuses on the musical practices of Jesuit missionaries in Spanish and Portuguese America in the colonial period.
The workshop will take place in the Department of Musicology, and will be conducted in German. It is still possible to register for the workshop: to do this, please send a mail to
by Sunday, 15 January .

Further information on the workshop (in German) can be found at
The musical missionary work of the Jesuits in Spanish and Portuguese America, 1540-1773

2. MCS Study Day, 1 February 2012

The MCS Study Day is an opportunity for us to discuss selected new publications in the area of music and conflict. The next Study Day will focus on the following texts:

- Cascudo, Teresa, ‘Art Music in Portugal during the Estado Novo’, in Roberto Illiano, Massimiliano Sala (eds.), Music and Dictatorship in Europe and Latin America, (Brepols, 2009), 363-381.
- Gilman, Lisa, ‘An American Soldier’s iPod: Layers of Identity and Situated Listening in Iraq’, Music and Politics, Vol. IV no.2 (Summer 2010),
- McDonald, David. A, ‘Geographies of the Body: Music, Violence and Manhood in Palestine’, Ethnomusicology Forum, Vol. 19 no. 2 (Nov 2010), 191-214.
- Wetzel, Richard D., ‘War, Religion, Race and Music’ (Chapter 8), in: The Globalization of Music History (Routledge, 2012), 91-114.

The Study Day is open to all and will be conducted in English. For organisational reasons, we ask you to register if you want to attend. To do so, simply send an e-mail to
by Monday, 30 January . If you have difficulties accessing the texts to be discussed, please let us know.

Further information on the research group can be found on our Website:
Research Group "Music, Conflict and the State" Homepage

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The Research Group "Music, Conflict and the State"