Dr. Fanny Weitz



  • systematics and evolution of long-horned grasshoppers (Ensifera)
  • skeleto-muscular morphology of polyneopteran thoraces
  • evolution of winglessness among insects


Short CV

since 2017 Teaching Assistant, Campus QPLUS at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
07/2017 PhD thesis: Evolution of the Orthoptera – systematic placement among insects, internal phylogeny and the origin of bioacoustics (magna cum laude)
since 2017 PhD and Teaching Assistant at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
2011 Lectureship at Freie Universität Berlin
2007 – 2011 Student Teaching Assistent(Tutor) in different zoological B.Sc. and M.Sc. courses
at Freie Universität Berlin
2004 – 2011 studies in biology (diploma) at Freie Universität Berlin

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Leubner F, Wipfler B & S Bradler. 2017. Comparative morphology of the orthopteran thorax with a discussion of phylogenetically relevant characters. Insect Systematics and Diversity 1(1), 29–47.

Leubner F, Bradler S & B Wipfler. 2017. The thoracic morphology of the wingless dune cricket Comicus calcaris (Orthoptera: Schizodactylidae): Novel apomorphic characters for the group and adaptations to sand desert environments. Arthropod Structure & Development 46(4): 449–461.

Leubner F, Hörnschemeyer T & S Bradler. 2016. The thorax of the cave cricket Troglophilus neglectus: anatomical adaptations in an ancient wingless insect lineage (Orthoptera: ¬Rhaphidophoridae). BMC Evolutionary Biology 16(1): 39.

Goldberg J, Bresseel J, Constant J, Kneubühler B, Leubner F, Michalik P & S Bradler. 2015. Extreme convergence in egg-laying strategy across insect orders. Scientific Reports 5: 7825.

Poster2Leubner F, Endres M & M Mau. 2018. Der Stammbaum der Tiere. Planet Poster Editions.
The recent hypothesis of the animal tree of life
illustrated as a poster for students and scientists!
available online: planetposter.de