Animal Evolution and Biodiversity


Latest Publications

  • Bank S, Cumming RT, Li Y, Henze K, Le Tirant S & Bradler S (2021) A tree of leaves: Phylogeny and historical biogeography of the leaf insects (Phasmatodea: Phylliidae). Communications Biology 4, 932,
  • Passos Ribeiro R, Egger B, Ponz-Segrelles G & Aguado MT (2021) Cellular proliferation dynamics duringregeneration in Syllis malaquini (Syllidae,Annelida). Frontiers in Zoology 18:27.
  • Ponz-Segrelles G, Glasby CJ, Helm C, Beckers P, Hammel JU, Passos Ribeiro R & Aguado MT (2021) Integrative anatomical study of the branched annelid Ramisyllis multicaudata (Annelida, Syllidae). Journal of Morphology.
  • Martin D, Aguado MT, Fernández Álamo M-A, Britayev TA, Böggemann M, Capa M, Faulwetter S, Fukuda MV, Helm C, Petti MAV, et al. (2021) On the Diversity of Phyllodocida (Annelida: Errantia), with a Focus on Glyceridae, Goniadidae, Nephtyidae, Polynoidae, Sphaerodoridae, Syllidae, and the Holoplanktonic Families. Diversity 13, 131.
  • Bank S, Buckley TR, Büscher TH, Bresseel J, Constant J, De Haan M, Dittmar D, Dräger H, Kahar RS, A, Kneubühler B, Langton-Myers SS & Bradler S (2021) Reconstructing the nonadaptive radiation of an ancient lineage of ground-dwelling stick insects (Phasmatodae: Heteropterygidae). Systematic Entomology, doi: 10.1111/syen.12472.

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