Erasmus Mundus MA Euroculture:
Society, politics and culture in a global context

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The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Programme "Euroculture - Society, politics and culture in a global context" is partly financed by the European Commission is a transdisciplinary, international and inter-university project, in which various disciplines, eight well-known European and four non-EU universities participate. Its aim is to prepare graduates from Europe and third-countries for professions and research areas in which knowledge of present-day Europe and European Union institutions are of relevance.

The Programme was established in 1998 to focus on regional, national and supranational dimensions of the European democratic development in an interdisciplinary manner.
As a term, “Euroculture” reflects a wide range of self´-understandings across societies, social groups, and individuals in, from, within, and beyond Europe. It pays special attention to migration, transcultural exchanges, and the increasing mobility of its population.
What makes The Euroculture Programme stand out from many other European Regional Studies is not only its multidisciplinary curriculum, but also the flexibility and the mandatory mobility it offers to its students to provide them with various perspectives.

Euroculture pays special attention to the increasing mobility of its citizens, to migration and transcultural exchanges. Because of the multidisciplinary studies approach, the Euroculture programme stands out from many other European Regional Studies programmes. Ever since the establishment of the Programme, Euroculture was used as a concept to reflect in an interdisciplinary way on the many different expressions and manifestations of self-understandings of societies, social groups and individuals of, about, within and beyond Europe.

If you are interested in exploring the diversity and complexity of Europe and its relations with the world? You love travelling, getting to know people from all over the world and like to think outside of the box? Then the MA Euroculture programme in Göttingen is the right choice for you!
This programme offers you a unique opportunity to study Europe from an interdisciplinary, international and inter-university perspective. You will learn from renowned scholars and experts in various fields, such as history, sociology, political science, cultural studies and more. You will also benefit from the flexibility and mobility of the programme, which allows you to study at two or more partner universities in Europe and beyond. You will gain valuable intercultural skills and experience that will prepare you for a career in academia, policy-making, civil society, media or culture. As a Euroculture student, you will be part of a vibrant and diverse community of students and alumni from all over the world, who share your passion and curiosity for Europe.
You will also have access to a wide range of resources and activities, such as workshops, conferences, internships, research projects and scholarships. The MA Euroculture programme in Göttingen is not only a high-quality academic programme, but also a life-changing experience that will broaden your horizons and enrich your personal and professional development. We work together with students to bring various perspectives and ideas together by always encouraging critical perspectives. Join us today and become part of the Euroculture family! For more information: Euroculture Consortium Webpage

Do you want to be at the heart of Europe, in a city that is well-located to easily travel everywhere but peaceful enough for you to excel at your studies? Then look no further than Göttingen! This small student town that was home to many famous scholars, including over 40 Nobel Prize winners, is here for you to follow the footsteps of the great minds and discover new insights and perspectives on Europe and the world. Robert Oppenheimer, Gauss, Werner Heisenberg, Max Weber, and many more studied in Göttingen as well! In Göttingen, you will be a part of a vibrant and diverse community of students from all over the world as well as having access to a wide range of affordable resources and services. Göttingen University has a wide selection of pocket-friendly cafeterias with delicious food for every taste, easy accommodation services, sports facilities and myriads of workshops/classes, social activities organized by international student communities. Need a library almost in every corner? No problem! Göttingen has over 100 libraries, including the State and University Library, which is one of the largest libraries in Germany. Can’t live without music, theatres, museums, easy access to nature? Apply now and be a part of the Euroculture Göttingen family! verwendet möglicherweise Cookies, die für Werbung verwendet werden können. Für die Benutzung gilt die Datenschutz-Richtlinie von uneingeschränkt.

The Euroculture M.A. joint-degree enables its graduates to work in various professional fields. They will attain abilities to understand and analyze complex intercultural, international and political correlations as well as implement, manage and control projects using their interdisciplinary knowledge and skills.
The following charts - taken from an extensive research towards careers and employability of the Euroculture alumni - demonstrate the variety of potential career opportunities. The majority of Euroculture alumni work in administrative, project management, research or marketing functions within all three, the private, public as well as the non-profit sector. A number of students have also undertaken further studies, mostly on the doctorate level. Nevertheless, the exceptional versatile, transdisciplinary and international characteristics of the Euroculture Master’s Programme support all kind of individual success stories. Visit our Career & Alumni section for further information and alumni reports.