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Fair management and publication of research data

No. 30 - 15.07.2020

Presenting Göttingen Research Online

The Göttingen eResearch Alliance has launched the online portal Göttingen Research Online (GRO). The portal offers digital services to researchers, early career scientists and scholars across the Göttingen Campus to support a variety of research activities. These services are now available:, a place to store digital research data; and GRO.publications, a system for managing publication data. provides ways to store, edit and publish research-related data. GRO.publications centrally and carefully curates publications from researchers and makes publication data available and usable.


The repository can store any kind of digital research data, make that data available for academic collaboration and publish data directly out of the system. Interfaces support data transfer from and to other software systems. supports researchers in publishing their data in a findable, accessible, compatible and reusable way - "fair" and traceable. To achieve this, the data can be provided with descriptions, or “metadata”, from the outset and with permanent identifiers (PIDs) upon publication.


The publication data management system GRO.publications allows researchers at the Göttingen Campus to account for and maintain their publications in a central location. The service regularly imports publication-related data from large scientific reference systems, which researchers in Göttingen can then verify as their own. With the help of the system, they can create publication lists in discipline-specific citation styles, integrate them on external websites and dynamically update these lists. Researchers can also synchronize their ORCID profile with the service. The qualification programme of the University of Göttingen and the GWDG Academy regularly offer introductory courses on GRO.publications and


The future stages of development of the portal will facilitate data management already in the planning phase of projects, in accordance with the specifications of funding institutions and disciplines. An additional service will support the administration of discipline-relevant large-scale equipment on-site. The facilities operating the equipment will thus be able to gain a clearer overview of their capacity, usage times and booking requests. The GRO services are designed to make interdisciplinary and international collaboration across different locations simple and straightforward. The use of individual services by colleges and universities in Lower Saxony is possible via the Academic Cloud.


The portal builds on the IT infrastructure at the Göttingen Campus and the close cooperation of its service-oriented institutions. Under the umbrella of the Göttingen eResearch Alliance, the Göttingen Society for Scientific Data Processing (GWDG) and the Lower Saxony State and University Library (SUB) work together on the development and provision of innovative services. The development of the service portfolio of the Göttingen eResearch Alliance is strengthened by the cooperation with the Research Department and the Institute of Medical Informatics/UMG.

GRO can be accessed here: