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Good ratings for academic disciplines at Göttingen University

No. 23 - 14.09.2021

NTU World University Rankings puts Agriculture at first place in Germany


In the most recent rankings by the National Taiwan University (NTU), Agriculture at the University of Göttingen achieves first place in Germany. The subjects of Environment/Ecology, as well as Plant & Animal Sciences, are also ranked first in Germany. The field of Natural Sciences achieved eighth place nationwide. The subjects Biology & Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Genetics, Neuroscience & Behavior, Chemistry, Geosciences, and Mathematics at Göttingen University were listed among the top ten in Germany. In a worldwide comparison, the subjects Plant & Animal Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Environment/Ecology and Neurosciences were placed in the Top 100.


NTU World University Rankings provides a comparison of the best 800 universities worldwide. The selection is limited to the following six fields: engineering, agriculture, natural sciences, life sciences, social sciences and medicine. The NTU Rankings also rate twenty-seven individual subjects within those main fields. The ranking is based on indicators of successful research activity, such as the number of published articles and the number of citations.

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