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Göttingen alumnus receives Nobel Prize in Physics

No. 28 - 06.10.2021

The University of Göttingen warmly congratulates Emeritus Professor Klaus Hasselmann on winning the Nobel Prize in Physics 2021. "We are delighted to hear that Klaus Hasselmann has been awarded this prize. It means that once again an alumnus of the University of Göttingen has been given this outstanding award," says University President Professor Metin Tolan. "The physical modelling of the climate that he did in the late 1970s was ground-breaking."


Hasselmann conducted research at the then Max Planck Institute for Fluid Dynamics in Göttingen from 1955 to 1957. The supervisor of his dissertation, for which he received his doctorate from the Faculty of Physics at Göttingen University in July 1957, was Professor Walter Tollmien.