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Press release: It’s back: physics experiments in Advent!

No. 160 - 07.11.2022

An Advent calendar with a difference for all science enthusiasts


Physics in Advent – PiA – is an Advent calendar with a difference: behind each door is a surprise filled with fun and new insights. For the tenth year running, Mother or Father Christmas will present small-scale physics experiments via video every day kicking off on 1 December and running until 24 December on the PiA website. Everyone can do the experiments, which can be carried out with ordinary household materials. Everyone who signs up to take part, gets to answer a question about each experiment on the PiA website. On the following day, they will receive the solution via video, plus a point if they have answered correctly. Everyone is welcome to join the fun. Registration at is free of charge and you can sign up right away.


Prizes will be allocated, according to a draw, to the participants with the highest number of points in the categories of individual, school class or school. In addition to iPads, books, science kits and other prizes, they could win a ride in a hot air balloon, a flight in a glider or a trip to Dallas to see NBA basketball games. PiA is designed for youngsters aged 11 to 18. Parents, teachers, students and adults interested in physics phenomena are welcome to have a go too. The calendar is available in German and English and this year it has French, Italian and Ukrainian subtitles.


The project is offered by the University of Göttingen in collaboration with many national and international physics societies and STEM initiatives. This year, among them is a close collaboration with several Ukrainian STEM initiatives. PiA is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, among many others. Further information can be found at in English and in German.



Professor Arnulf Quadt

University of Göttingen

II Institute of Physics

Friedrich Hund Platz 1

37077 Göttingen, Germany


And if you’re a journalist, don’t forget, many journalists enjoy "PiA - Physics in Advent" too!