In publica commoda

University of Göttingen renews condemnation of violence in Iran

No. 63.2 - 30.11.2022

We have received the news that a scientist in Iran, who received his PhD from the University of Göttingen, has been arrested because he was involved in protecting demonstrating students. In light of this upsetting news, the Presidential Board of the University of Göttingen renews and confirms its condemnation of violence against students and university employees in Iran.


We are aware of our social responsibility as a university and see ourselves as a cosmopolitan university committed to the realization of equal rights for all people and to overcoming gender, ethnic, cultural, social and religious disadvantages - as formulated in our mission statement. "In publica commoda - For the good of all" also means to us that we stand in solidarity with all members of the international scientific community who peacefully stand up for human rights and freedom, and oppose oppression and discrimination.


For this reason, we call for the peaceful protests to be allowed to continue and for the immediate release of all demonstrators and their supporters who have been arrested so far.


original statement by the Presidential Board from 6 October 2022