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Press release: Top marks in the students' opinion

No. 70 - 03.05.2024

Subjects at Göttingen University impress in the latest CHE ranking


In the current university ranking of the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE), the University of Göttingen achieved almost consistently good to very good ratings from students in the subjects of Physics and Chemistry. The subjects Geosciences and Geography also scored good to very good among students. Physics students particularly praise the organization of their studies as well as the facilities and library equipment at their faculty. Chemistry students are also extremely satisfied with the organization of their studies and their academic skills. The subjects of sociology and medicine also achieved high scores in the students' assessment.


In addition to student assessments, the ranking also evaluates the facts about the courses on offer and research criteria. Almost all of the subjects evaluated scored well in the category "Support at the start of studies". Geography was also among the leaders several times in the categories "contact with professional practice" for both Bachelor's and Master's students, as well as in the categories "publications per researcher" and "doctorates per professorship". Mathematics also scored well on several occasions, particularly in the top group of research categories. In total, the 12 subjects evaluated were represented 25 times in the top groups of the categories.


In this year's CHE University Ranking, a total of 15 subjects and subject groups at universities were examined. Both students' assessments and facts about teaching and research are reported. At Göttingen University, subjects from the Faculties of Physics, Chemistry, Geoscience and Geography, Biology and Psychology, Mathematics and Computer Science, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the University Medical Center took part in the survey. However, student evaluations are not available for some subjects, and research data was not analyzed for some subjects. The results can be found at