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Material Sciences (M.Sc.)

PLEASE NOTE: This degree programme is being phased out. Enrolment is no longer possible.

Subject name: Material Sciences
Degree: Master of Sciences (M.Sc.)
Standard period of study: 4 semesters
Language of the programme: German

The subject of Materials Sciences
The science of the production and properties of materials that fulfil a particular function is a large and important field of research for modern technologies. This includes a wide range of substances, such as metals, semiconductors, glasses, ceramics, polymers and also biological materials. The ideal goal of modern materials sciences is to be able to make targeted adjustments in material properties, such as density, conductivity, hardness, elasticity and chemical stability. These desired outcomes are often contrary to the typical behaviour of individual substances, meaning that the manipulation of the materials requires great skill. Alongside an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of the natural sciences, thinking and working in an interdisciplinary way is, above all, called for here.

Interdisciplinary course
The course in Materials Sciences is interdisciplinary and, alongside chemistry and physics, it also has components that deal with geoscience and forest science. Extensive knowledge of the scientific and technical principles of the production, characterization, development and application of functional materials is imparted to the students. The aims of the course serve to prepare students for professional fields related to research and development. The wide range of classes on offer make it possible to specialize.

Why study Materials Sciences in Göttingen?

  • practice-related training in the field of basic research-oriented materials sciences
  • inter-faculty courses from the fields of chemistry, physics, geosciences, forest science and mathematics
  • high level of choice
  • imparting knowledge about the structures of materials, their synthesis, properties and interrelationships
  • advanced lectures on special methods and modern material classes
  • participation in the investigation of modern materials by means of special practical courses, seminars and firsthand work in scientific study groups
  • wide selection of study groups from all four faculties that offer topics for research and master's dissertations
  • cooperation with industry, industry internships and work in major research institutions

Language recommendation
It is recommend that students have a solid knowledge of English (scientific English), since some of the classes in the elective section are held in English.

Professional fields
Graduates of this course have opportunities in basic research, applied research, industrial production and analytics, material testing and in administrative and consulting companies. They are particularly sought after in the research and development sectors of modern, high-tech enterprises.

Subsequent, further study
The four-semester master's programme can be followed by a doctorate. Being strong on research, the location of Göttingen provides excellent possibilities here for appealing scientific projects.