Dr. Sebastian Kunte was a GlobalFood member from 2012-2015. The information on this site reflects the status at the point of leaving GlobalFood.

Occupation after leaving GlobalFood

  • Project Manager (Program Area Economics) at Joachim Herz Foundation in Hamburg, Germany (07/2017-)
  • Fellow at the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Science and Digital Society in Thuringia, Germany (01/2016-06/2017)


Research associate
DFG Research Training Group "GlobalFood"
Subproject C1: Contract farming and contract design


  • 04/2012 - 07/2015: PhD in Economics
    Georg-August-University of Göttingen
    Dissertation: "Contractual Relationships in the Absence of Formal Enforcement: Experimental Evidence from Germany and Kenya" (Supervision: Prof. Meike Wollni, Prof. Matin Qaim, Prof. Claudia Keser)
  • 10/2009 - 02/2012: M.Sc. in Economics
    University of Erfurt
  • 10/2005 - 09/2008: B.A. in Staatswissenschaften (Economics, Political Science, Sociology) and Communication Science
    University of Erfurt

Practical experience

  • 04/2012 - 07/2015: Research associate, Research Training Group (RTG) Transformation of Global Agri-Food Systems (GlobalFood), Georg-August University Göttingen
  • 06/2014 - 07/2014: Visiting researcher, Busara Center for Behavioral Economics (Innovations for Poverty Action), Nairobi, Kenya
  • 10/2011 - 03/2012: Intern at Heinrich Böll Foundation Thuringia
  • 04/2011 - 07/2011: Student assistant at the Chair of Macroeconomics, University of Erfurt (Prof. Tobias Rötheli)
  • 08/2009 - 05/2011: Project manager at CGE Erfurt e.V., organization and coordination of several international conferences and seminars on the European Union, active citizenship and political education (funding programs of the European Commission)
  • 09/2006 - 08/2008: Student Assistant at Diakonie Central Germany


  • Kunte, S. (forthcoming). The Regional Nudger: Wie Erkenntnisse der Verhaltensökonomie die Regionalpolitik und die politische Praxis auf Länderebene verbessern können. Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik.
  • Kunte, S., Wollni, M., Keser, C. (2017). Making it personal: breach and private ordering in a contract farming experiment. European Review of Agricultural Economics. 44(1): 121-48.
  • Kunte, S. (2015). Contractual relationships in the absence of formal enforcement: Experimental evidence from Germany and Kenya. Dissertation, Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Göttingen.
  • Kunte, S., Wollni, M. (2015). Risky environments, hidden knowledge, and preferences for contract flexibility: an artefactual field experiment. GlobalFood Discussion Paper Series, No. 69, Göttingen.

Research interests

  • Experimental and behavioral economics
  • Institutional economics and economic policy
  • Development economics
  • Behavioral game theory