Angewandte empirische Forschung - M.Sc./PhD

General Information

  • Module: Angewandte empirische Forschung
  • Module number lecture: M.WIWI-WIN.0012
  • UniVZ: 800423
  • Cycle: Every winter term
  • Credits: 6 ECTS
  • Courses of study: PhD, Master WI, Master Ufü, Master MDM
  • Type of teaching and learning: Block course
  • Examination: Presentation and final paper
  • Lecturer: Dr. Matthias Meyer (Member of the Management Board, Blue Avenir GmbH)
  • Language: German
  • Contact:

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07.11.2022, 9:00 - 17:00 Block 1 SUB großer Seminarraum
08.11.2022, 9:00 - 17:00 Block 2 Oec 1.134
06.02.2023, 9:00-17:00 Presentation SUB großer Seminarraum
Furthermore, students will have to submit a report. The submission date for the written report will be provided during the seminar and will likely be after February 6, 2023.

The course discusses the practical use of empirical research methods concerning information management and business economics. This course is aimed toward students and postgraduates focusing on Business Informatics, Marketing, and Administration. Participants will be provided with the necessary tools for empirically founded work for term papers or dissertations.

At the end of the seminar, students should possess the basic knowledge and experience necessary to conduct quantitative analyses for studies or practice. Furthermore, students should understand the concept of expressing and validating propositions and analyzing collected data.

Overview of the module contents

  • Basic principles of empirical research
  • Research process
  • Operationalization
  • Data collection
  • Evaluation and interpretation
  • Applied empirical research
  • Execution of own empirical research
  • Presentation of results
  • "Lessons learned"